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SXSW Sessions

Nov 7, 2022

Moderated by Tinx, Investor Mark Cuban and Bala Cofounders Natalie Holloway and Maximilian Kislevitz discuss an unexpected, borderline absurd approach to launching and scaling a fitness brand.
Natalie and Max started Bala on a napkin in 2018, when they sketched out ideas for what would eventually become Bala Bangles. 

Though Bala started as a side project, Natalie and Max took note of the ultra-serious, exclusionary nature of the fitness industry – a sea of lookalike brands running the same playbook; one defined by unreasonable expectations and the heartache of falling short. 
Since launching a successful Kickstarter campaign and appearing on ABC's Shark Tank, where they secured an investment from Mark Cuban and Maria Sharapova, Bala has grown tenfold. In contrast to the utility-led products that dominate the fitness space, Bala believes beautiful, functional fitness equipment will change the way people work out.