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SXSW Sessions

Dec 13, 2021

As the City of LA’s Department of Cannabis Regulation first Exec. Dir., Cat Packer has led the charge to create cannabis policies that restore and repair communities most impacted by cannabis criminalization and the war on drugs. She has used her platform as an agitator and regulator to help craft one of the country’s most inclusive commercial cannabis policies but her experience shows that there’s still so much work that needs to be done.

Despite progress made around the country to create programs aimed at promoting equitable ownership and employment opportunities in the cannabis industry in order to decrease disparities in life outcomes for marginalized communities, and to address the disproportionate impacts of the War on Drugs in those communities --- disparities persist and harm ensues. How do we ensure equity in Cannabis Policy?

Journalist Amanda Chicago Lewis interviews Director Packer to ask some critical and tough questions about what’s working, what isn’t and what’s at stake in the future of cannabis policy in the United States.