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SXSW Sessions

May 29, 2023

Is your insecure boss taking credit for your work? A passive-aggressive colleague making your life miserable, but acting like nothing’s wrong? We all want to get along with the people we work with — but it seems like some people make it particularly hard to do so. Who hasn’t wondered: Why is my colleague acting...

May 22, 2023

In this SXSW Session, Rafael Casal and Daveed Diggs, co-creators of the critically acclaimed-comedy series Blindspotting, preview the upcoming second season now playing on STARZ, and celebrate its world premiere at SXSW.

May 15, 2023

In this SXSW Session, director Jake Johnson discusses the making of his film SELF RELIANCE with Variety’s Cynthia Littleton; how he took the inception of idea to the big screen, his career, and what it was like being in the director’s chair. 

May 8, 2023

Join writer/director Lee Cronin, series creator and horror icon Sam Raimi, cult legend and “Ash” himself Bruce Campbell, and stars Lily Sullivan and Alyssa Sutherland for a look at the new film that moves the action out of the woods and into the city.... This SXSW Session discusses how the film not only pays homage...

May 1, 2023

In this SXSW Session, Madeline Hollern from Austin Monthly interviews Kate to learn how a young girl from Kalamazoo, Michigan turned into what The New York Times called “a contemporary update of science popularizers like Bill Nye the Science Guy or Donald “Mr. Wizard” Herbert”. Kate talks about Mrs. Kelli...