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SXSW Sessions

Sep 5, 2022

Award-winning showrunner, filmmaker and bestselling novelist Noah Hawley (creator of FX’s Fargo and Legion) speaks with Jeffrey Goldberg, editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, about Hawley’s sixth and newest novel Anthem, a thoughtful and entertaining cultural commentary for the real world we live in that examines a plethora of ongoing issues ranging from political divisions to climate change -- all in Hawley’s uniquely incisive voice.

With Anthem, Hawley faced his most challenging writing yet -- putting a level of hindsight to something where the ink wasn’t dry yet, or as he says, “If my job as a writer is to recreate the real world around me, then what do I do when the real world around me becomes ridiculous?”

Hawley ranks among the most prolific and accomplished writers working between page and screen – having won both an Emmy Award and Edgar Award, and Anthem has been discussed as an epic inventive literary thriller that is the first must read novel of the year.