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SXSW Sessions

Aug 9, 2021

In recent months, discourse on the role social media plays in news consumption has focused on how it can be a vector of disinformation and divisiveness, rather than good-faith conversation. Gen-Z news consumers on TikTok are demonstrating that it's possible to engage with platforms, with news publishers, and with each other in a radically different way. With humor and optimism, young people across the political spectrum are creatively harnessing this video-first medium to participate in authentic conversations, seek out facts, and shape their views on important issues and elections. Hear from NowThis’ Ian McKenna (@nowthispolitics), The Washington Post’s Dave Jorgenson (@washingtonpost), and Creator, Actor, and Human Rights Activist Jackie James (@fatraco0n) on the tactics publishers are using to build relationships with young audiences on TikTok, and the content that moves audiences to action.