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SXSW Sessions

May 30, 2022

Storytelling is part of our human DNA. Storytelling takes you on a journey. Good stories can take you to places. The same way cars do. Through the emergence of the Metaverse, its ramp up and the phenomenal pace of technological advancements in web3 (and blockchain), we’re experiencing new media and experience formats that will change the face of entertainment. This session will go far beyond the exploration of the term Metaverse. We’re taking you on a ride through it. Ride along with last year’s SXSW Pitch winners and Best in Show jury favorite, holoride, and Joe Russo from the Russo Brothers, who directed the last two Avengers movies Infinity War and Endgame along with his brother Anthony. HTC VIVE VP for Business Development & Partnerships, Pearly Chen, as well as Daniel Weissland, President Audi of America, will be joining the session on stage. Learn how storytelling will turn into storyliving through the power of motion and location aware content.

Let’s explore these new frontiers, together.