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SXSW Sessions

Jun 6, 2022

This session turns the tables on Guy Raz – host and creator of the wildly popular and beloved radio show/podcast, How I Built This – and explores how he went from war correspondent to developing THE show about the entrepreneurs and innovators who inspire all of us. How I Built This has become a movement and a franchise with events, books, spinoff shows, and more. Raz has also co-created Tinkercast, the preeminent network for podcasts (Wow in the World, How to Be an Earthling, Who When Wow) and activities for kids and families. In a conversation with UTA Partner and Head of Audio, Oren Rosenbaum, the two peel back the curtain to explore why things rise to the top, how to build a show and a network, working with brands and partners, compelling storytelling, and where the audio industry is headed.