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SXSW Sessions

May 16, 2022

Technologies for achieving greater personal, enterprise, and community resilience have been steadily on the rise due to macroscopic shifts in climate change, societal disruptions, and digital transformation. In the inaugural #ResilienceTech Report, Maeda highlights the growing business ecosystem being built by a new breed of technologists around the world who intend to bring greater resilience to individuals, organizations, and entire countries. Beyond techies, this report will appeal to a broad audience due to Covid-19’s impact on every individual’s sense of vulnerability. The Resilience Tech Report builds upon the CX and Design in Tech Reports (2015 - 2021) which correctly predicted: 1/ the centrality of design in digital consumer and enterprise products, 2/ the paradigm of remote work and its equalizing effect, 3/ industry shifts to AI/ML technology as intrinsically needing more inclusive design.